Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eagles flat in St. Patrick's Day uniforms; drop 2-1 decision to Titan

Apparently the sharp new St. Patrick's Day uniforms weren't enough to fire up the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles last night, as they looked flat and rather emotionless for the most part in a disappointing 2-1 loss to the Bathurst Titan in front of a crowd well over 4000.

The Eagles mustered just 15 shots and very few real scoring chances over the first two periods, as they looked especially flat in period #2. In the third, Cape Breton outshot Bathurst 19-6 in a last ditch effort to tie the contest, and came close when Paul McIlveen was awarded a penalty shot with 1:55 to go, but it was not to be. They really didn't deserve to go to overtime any points last night anyway after the way they played the first two stanzas.

The powerplay was a big reason for the loss last night. It went 0-for-7, including just one shot on goal on the first four powerplay attempts. As well, a six-on-four advantage in the final minute of the game produced few decent scoring chances.

One bright spot in the game is that the Titan dynamic duo of Thomas Beauregard and Mathieu Perreault was held to a combined one assist. A lot of credit for this has to go to the line of Chris Culligan, James Sheppard, and Scott Brannon/Robert Slaney, as that line was matched up against those Titan snipers all game.

Speaking of Culligan, he had the lone Cape Breton goal, and it was a beauty snipe to the top corner glove side on Titan goaltender Brant Miller. Miller stopped everything else that came his way to earn first star honours.

Not much else to say about this one, it was a game to forget from C200. Perhaps the fact that the game was meaningless to the Eagles in the standings had a bit to do with their subpar effort, but you would think that after being thumped 9-5 by their biggest rivals on Tuesday, they would come out fired up in the next game.

Any way you slice it, three losses in a row this close to the playoffs makes fans a bit uneasy.

A better effort to finish off the season in style on Sunday is essential. With the otherwise excellent season the team has had, it would be pretty anticlimactic to finish it off with four straight losses.


With the St. John's Fog Devils' win and the Shawinigan Cataractes' loss last night, it is now official:

The Eagles will be playing the St. John's Fog Devils in the first round of the 2007 QMJHL playoffs.

A preview of the series, and an in-depth look at the Fog Devils, should appear on here sometime this coming week.

The other East Division playoff series were also determined last night.

(1) Lewiston MAINEiacs vs (8) Shawinigan Cataractes

(3) Moncton Wildcats vs (6) Halifax Mooseheads

(4) PEI Rocket vs (5) Acadie-Bathurst Titan

The Telus Division, however, is still one big mumbo-jumbo heading into tomorrow, the final day of the regular season. Anybody could still pretty much play anybody!


CB Eagle Fan said...

Well, here it is - the last game of the regular season. And after what has been a great season, the fans will be entering Centre 200 with a less than optimistic air. I have always been so confident about the team's performance, or ability to rebound from a bad game. I have to admit though, that the confidence has been rocked by the last three games. I refuse to give up on the team though - they do have the talent, they just need to up their drive and spirit a notch or two. Today's game could be the catalyst which thrusts them into a winning streak during the playoffs. It has all the necessary ingredients - last game, provincial rivals, desire for payback, and a need to prove themselves! Plus, it will, no doubt, be a sold out event, hopefully with a loud and supportive crowd! I am going to call on my optimistic nature again, and predict that it will be an energetic and determined Eagles team that hits the ice this afternoon, and I'm predicting a decisive Eagles win! GO EAGLES GO! And let's cheer them on louder than we ever have!
On another note, unless the Eagles and the Moosehead come up against each other in a later round, this will probably be the last time that Bryce Swan will play here. He may be an opponent, on the hated rival team, but he is a Cape Bretoner with talent who could possibly be playing in the NHL sometime in the future. I'm sure he will have family in attendance, and I think it would be a nice gesture to wish him well in his future.
That being said, back to the more pressing matter at hand - let's cheer our Eagles on and help send them into the playoffs on a winning note!

Anonymous said...


Inside the Nest said...

CB Eagle Fan- Great post, and thank you for your comments.

I just wanted to point out that Bryce Swan should be back in the Q as a 20-year-old next year, or at least I personally expect him to be.

Anonymous said...

In an earlier post a comment was made that you keep negative comments to yourself while at the rink! That's fine if you wish to be brain dead! I pay for my tickets out of my own pocket. I do not charge them to a company nor do I get "free" tickets. Between tickets, travel time, gas, food and drink, I spend thousands in support of this team. If I feel that they deserve a kick in the ass, then I've earned that right to say so!
For this team not to show up for a game against Halifax is inexcusable. It is insulting. It is discusting. It is frustrating. It is exasperating. Of all the teams to loose to, Halifax has to be the absolute worst!
It is becoming increasingly clear that this "current Eagle team" is in need of a serious reminder that fans are important. Unless there is a conserted effort to play to maximum potential today, the fans will have no choice other than deliver a clear message. The BOO birds are getting very close to making an appearance. We've been patient long enough. Personnally, I think that we would be doing the team a big favor. This team has the talent and ability to go all the way. However, the may very well go nowhere for one simple reason: indifferent, inconsistent, uninspiring play!
I support this team 100%. I do require that this team and each and every individual on it will play as though "their" fans are important to "them". I do not expect this team to win every game. I do, however, expect them to try and win every game. If they do that, I will have no need for negative thoughts or feelings.
For God's sake Eagles, lets play hockey, unrelenting in your face Eagles hockey!

CB Eagle Fan said...

To the anonymous writer of the previous comment:
Thank heavens the Eagles delivered a superb showing in their final game! At least all of us "brain dead" fans didn't have to listen to a bunch of "Boo Birds" hurling insults and curses at the refs, coaches, players, and possibly even the Zamboni driver. A few negative comments are one thing, but some of the language that has been used is disgusting - especially since there are so many young fans in attendance who will think this is the way a fan is supposed to act.
I also "pay for my tickets out of my own pocket. I do not charge them to a company nor do I get "free" tickets" so why should I have to spend the whole game listening to a "fan" hurling obscenities toward the ice surface? Just because I choose to not act in a manner that draws stares from everyone in the near vicinity, please don't call me brain dead! I may become upset, but I probably still wouldn't curse at you!
I must say though, I do agree with your statement that although we don't expect the team to win every game, they should try and win every game. And negative thoughts and feelings are fine - we all have them. But when they are yelled loud enough to be heard on the other side of Centre 200, it becomes an annoyance to those who are sitting at "ground zero"! At any rate, there was no need to complain this evening. I didn't hear too much in the negative department (although there were a couple of Eagle slip-ups which luckily, didn't cause too much damage) and the crowd was just as expected - large and boisterous! It was a great evening. Now, on to the playoffs! Bring on the Fog - my confidence in the team is back! GO EAGLES GO!!

Anonymous said...