Sunday, April 15, 2007

Round 3 opponent confirmed

Hey guys,

Just briefly logging in to confirm that our Eagles will indeed face the Val d'or Foreurs in the third round of this year's QMJHL playoffs.

Val d'or salted away their series with the Baie-Comeau Drakkar with a 4-3 victory tonight, taking the set in five games.

Game One will most likely be Friday, April 20, from the Centre-Air Creebec in Val d'or, PQ.

What a challenge this will be for our Screaming Eagles.

Pre-series breakdown to follow.


Amanda said...

I think this is gonna be a tough one you can't make predictions on. Paul said they are flying the boys out at least so it won't be a 22 hour bus ride. If they can come away with one win from those first two, they might have a decent chance.

Any ways, thank you secret blogger for finally posting.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Val-d’Or is stacked for the play-offs. They have home ice advantage despite our having more points than them. Does it matter? I think not as we will win no matter whom we play or where we play. The boys have the right attitude and chemistry to prevail against all odds.
Am I taking things too lightly, no! We scored 28 more goals and allowed 31 fewer goals. Our winning % before Jan 1 was .650 and after Jan1 it was .667. Val-d’Or was .600 and .567 respectfully. While our PP% efficiency went down after Jan1 our SH% went up correspondingly. Of interest is that Val-d’Or’s PP% and SH% both went down after Jan1. Our Eagles went 4-3 in March while Val-d’Or went 1-5-1. Val-d’Or may have had a rack job, but we only required a manicure: a much less invasive procedure! Statistically, I prefer our second half to theirs.
If our Eagles play in your face Eagles hockey for 60 minutes like they did last Friday, they and we will do just fine. Destiny is in the hands of the Eagles themselves! One is limited, paradoxically, by one’s own self imposed limitations! Brake loose, explore, and ultimately, enjoy the ecstasy of freedom.
Go Eagles Go

RinkRat said...

Check out Eastlink's Sports Schedule ..

It is looking like the games will be broadcasted on Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. If anyone else has any information please write in.